Monday, December 10, 2007

Sad Today

Today I am sad. This morning I allowed myself to cry. Over the last few days I have heard about 3 different children battling cancer who have received bad news. All three have been told that their cancer is no longer curable. Two of the children are boys who were diagnosed with the same brain tumor as Elias - medulloblastoma. The other child is a girl who has leukemia.

My heart aches for these children and their families. My heart aches thinking that this could be a possibility in my future. I want to believe that Elias will be cured 100%. I go back over all the information we were given after his diagnosis. I read that he has an average risk tumor. I read that chances are better than 50% that he will be cured.

Before today I believed without question that Elias would be cured. Now I know about these three children. Now I also know about another boy with medulloblastoma who was thought to be cancer free for 6 months before another and different type of brain tumor was found. I search for information on kids who have beat medulloblastoma - all I find are kids still in the hospital or undergoing treatment. I need to see a success story!

I believe that Elias is incredibly strong. I reflect on how quickly he has "come back" physically since his surgery, which left him unable to speak or move much. I think about how well he has done throughout his radiation treatments and how the medical staff seemed so excited that he was not getting sick and not requiring any additional medications.

I believe in the power of prayer and know that there are many people who are praying for Elias. I know God has the power to heal. I hope that He will choose the path of healing for Elias.

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robye said...

What a wonderful way to journal your thoughts, and YES!!! I would love to know your thoughts. I can't even imagine your fears and pain as you read about other children, but have to put a strong face on for your family. We are praying and I believe with you that GOD CAN HEAL! take care of YOURSELF! robye harvey