Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Place of My Own

I decided to start "Leanne's Place" as a way to express my thoughts and feelings. I want to feel comfortable using this place to say the things that run through my mind - things maybe I don't even want to say out loud.

I don't feel free to speak my mind on Elias's CarePage (, eliasgomez). That's his page. Even though I write it, I try to keep it all about him and what he is going through and feeling.

I have a family blog (, but I want to keep it focused on the family. I want it to continue to be a fun place to post photos and chronicle some of our family's more memorable moments.

It occured to me that people who know me might want to know how I am feeling and how I am doing and I don't often get the opportunity to really tell them. So, I created "Leanne's Place". I hope I can come here often to jot down my thoughts and feelings.

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Julia said...

Great personal insight! I am glad you decided to do this and I look forward to visiting all three pages! Bless your new blog! :) ~Julia